when sungjae impersonates hyunsik (◡‿◡✿)

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Just your ordinary idol…

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hyunsik’s english self cam

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Born To Beat gay for each other

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Hyunsik’s date with mannequin ( “ˆ́ˆ̀)

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when hyunsik decides to be a smartass and accidentally brings back ilhoon’s memory of his traumatizing childhood x

BTOB transforming into animals

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that one time hyunsik used the wrong shade of bb cream

shit sungjae sungsook says on a date.

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What is Hyunsik implying tho

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What is Hyunsik implying tho

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i’m not even trying to understand what’s up with this group anymore…

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"when Hyunsik and Kyungsoo meet, they’ll send loving gazes to each other" - Minhyuk

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the adventures of hyunsik in adult’s only corner

Chio and her mind